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Landscape Painting Workshop (Taught in English) 

Course dates / Course leader
26–28 juni 2023 / Joakim T.S. Wanrup

Oil, acrylic and/or gouache

Beginners and advanced

Price option 1 – with food & accommodation
7 350 kr

Price option 2 – with food (without accommodation)
4 715 kr

Course description

Welcome to an intensive workshop which will introduce you to several fundamental concepts, techniques and materials embodying the process of plein-air (on site) landscape painting. Emphasis will be placed on painting done outside in the stunning environment of Gerlesborg. Engaging directly with the landscape, you will be able to experience and respond to the infinite possibilities and challenges of changing light and shadow, weather conditions, as well as formal painting concepts such as composition, color mixing, local color, shape and spatial relationships. Students will be given both individual instruction and participate in group critiques. Todd Gordon is an acclaimed landscape painter and teacher at Gerlesborgsskolan in Stockholm.

The course comprises 15 teaching hours and you have access to the premises around the clock.

Course schedule

Check-in and check-out if you live at the school

Course days


Morning and afternoon fika, lunch and dinner are included in both price options. If you live at the school – Price option 1 – breakfast is also included.

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